Shipping a car to Le Havre, France? Let K International Transport arrange it for you!

Exporting your vehicle from the United States to France can be a headache, but using a Federal Maritime Commission licensed international transport company for cars will make the process much easier. Shipping a car internationally begins with an international car shipping quote for transporting your vehicle to a port in the country of destination (e.g. shipping an Audi A4 to Le Havre, France) once you tell us what vehicle you want to export from the United States and where it will start its trip we can get to work on an overseas car shipping quote for you. 

K International Transport can transport the Audi A4 you’ve purchased online from the seller’s door in the United States to the port of your choosing in Europe. Base ports are the ones most commonly serviced by Roll on / Roll off vessels and include: Antwerp, Belgium; Le Havre, France; Bremerhaven, Germany; and Southampton, United Kingdom.  

K International Transport is a licensed Freight Forwarder and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), and acts as the architect of your shipment. We also routinely handle United States export customs clearance for cars. K International Transport will bring to you a rate quotation for shipping your Audi A4 to Le Havre, France, other locations in Europe, or any other port around the world. If our international car shipping quote is to your liking we will guide you through the shipment of your vehicle from its location of origin up to port of discharge, and can even give recommendations for agents at the final destination. If you have concerns about our terms, conditions, or the rate itself, we appreciate feedback and are glad to answer any questions. If you have target rates in mind, providing these can help us negotiate with the carrier for better freight rates.

K International Transport will help you ship the car you want to Le Havre, France. Head over to our rate request page, call us (212) 267-6400, or email us at! We are also available on Skype: kinternationalny .