Shipping an Audi A4 to Bremerhaven, Germany – We can do that!

Have you purchased an Audi A4 in the United States but want to ship it back home? K international Transport can help you ship an Audi A4 to Bremerhaven, Germany, or other locations in Europe. Want to ship a Lexus LS to the UK instead? We can help with that too!

International car shipping can be broken down into a series of discrete steps:
  • Moving the car (that Audi A4!) from its point of origin in the United States to the port of export
  • Booking your Audi A4 (or Lexus LS) on a steamship line (either by Roll On / Roll Off service or on a container vessel)
  • Clearing the vehicle with U.S. export customs
  • If shipping in a container, the vehicle must be loaded, blocked, and braced into the shipping container.
  • Loading the Vehicle onto its assigned vessel at the port of export
At this point K International Transport would send you all pertinent documents (e.g. Bill of Lading, Original Title with Customs Approval stamp, and, if applicable, notarized bill of sale for the vehicle).

K International Transport as a Federal Maritime Commission licensed Freight Forwarder can be thought of as your shipment’s organizer. Once we know where you want to ship your Audi A4, we will contact the necessary parties (car carrier, steamship line, etc.) and bring to you a rate quotation for shipping your Audi A4 to Germany, other locations in Europe, or any other serviceable port in the world! If accepted we will be available to guide you through the shipment of your vehicle from its origin up to port of discharge, and can give suggestions for agents in country of destination. 

Contact as by phone at (212) 267-6400 or by email at and we will get right on replying to your international car shipping quote request.