Shipping Automobiles Overseas: What you need to Know about Car Transport to Port Karachi, Pakistan!

Many international shipping customers worry about the process of transporting their automobiles overseas. However, with reliable company’s international automobile shipping services, the process can go by effortlessly. 

All international shipping companies will request similar things to continue with the shipment of your automobile. These include: 
  • Prepayment in full. The company is most likely in contact with a steamship line, and they cannot proceed until the shipment is paid for. 
  • A desired date of shipping, or date of arrival, so that the company can successfully schedule your shipment. 
  • Basic information about the shipper and the consignee (the person picking up the car at the destination). This includes full names, addresses in the U.S and in West Africa, and a picture i.d and EIN number.
  • A Power of Attorney form that the company provides will need to be signed.
  • Finally, the vehicle’s original title. 
Once all of these documents are available, your automobile can be shipped with overseas car transport services to Port Karachi, Pakistan. 
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