Shipping Boats in Ocean Container

Summertime weather is the perfect time to enjoy cruising and sailing on the water and relaxing in the warm sun. For many international buyers the best way to get that boat of your dreams at a bargain price is to purchase a used or new boat from the United States. Even after factoring in the international overseas boat transport cost it is oftentimes still a great bargain to buy and ship from the United States!
While roll-on roll-off international boat transport of boats on cradle or boats on trailer is the most popular way to transport boats from the USA, some boats can be loaded in container. Popular summertime boats that are small such as canoes, kayaks, jet skis, banana boats, power boats, motor boats, row boats, cruiser boats, cuddy boats, bow riders, sail boats, fishing boats, small craft boats, watersport boats, jet boats and inflatable boats can easily be shipped in ocean containers from the USA to Europe, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and more.
K International can help make your summertime sailing and cruising dreams come true with our reliable and cost effective international boat shipping in a container service. Why consider loading your boat in an ocean container for overseas boat transport? There are several reasons why shipping boats overseas in a container can be the best option:
1. Roll-on roll-off service to certain destinations can be more expensive than shipping a container
2. Certain destinations are not serviced by roll-on roll-off carriers
3. Container shipping provides extra security for your boat, helping to diminish the chance of theft or damage during international transport.
Loading and shipping a boat in an ocean container requires precise and careful handling and isn’t something that should be trusted to just any overseas shipping companies. There are some factors you should take into consideration for international boat shipments in container:
1. We can load all types of boats in an ocean container as long as the dimensions of the boat do not exceed the following size guidelines: length cannot exceed 39′, width cannot exceed 7’5″ and the height cannot exceed 8′.
2. While K International provides reliable boat loading international shipping services in the United States, you should confirm with your agent at destination that their warehouse can safely unload your boat from the container
So if you are considering shipping your boat overseas in a container do not trust unreliable international shipping companies to handle your cargo; trust one of the best freight forwarders in the United States – K International Transport! Shipping boats internationally is one of our specialties and we can provide international boat shipping quotes within 1-2 business days. Visit our boat rate request page to submit your rate request and visit our boat / watercraft shipping information page for more details on shipping boats and yachts overseas