Shipping Construction Equipment to Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Other West African Countries

In order to meet the demands of our customers in West Africa, K International is now able to offer discounted ro/ro rates for construction equipment shipping to several ports in West Africa!  Recently we have seen an increase in international  heavy equipment shipping of Komatsu and Caterpillar wheel loaders, bull dozers, skid steers, dump trucks, excavators and mining equipment to Lagos, Nigeria; Tema, Ghana and Douala, Cameroon from the United States.

Our direct service to West Africa ships out of the ports of New York, Baltimore, Savannah and Jacksonville to several popular destinations. Transit time via roll-on / roll-off shipping service from the USA to popular destinations in West Africa such as Dakar, Senegal; Tema, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Douala, Cameroon; Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo and Luanda, Angola for construction equipment and automobiles is 10-30 days depending on your destination.  We also want to take this time to remind our customers direct international shipping services to West Africa from the USA is on a first-come, first-served basis and a sailing date is not guaranteed.  However the earlier  you deliver your construction equipment unit the faster we can get your cargo on the vessel you desire.  Customers shipping to Boma are reminded pre-shipping inspections and cargo tracking notes may be required as per local DR Congo import regulations.  K International is able to assist you in scheduling and coordinating a pre-shipment inspection and also securing the necessary cargo tracking note so you will not have any delays in retrieving your cargo when it arrives at its destination.

If interested in international shipping quotes for high heavy construction equipment to Lagos, Tema, Douala, Boma and all other West African destinations please visit our heavy equipment shipping rate request page.  We will respond to all rate requests within 1-2 business days!  We also have more information on shipping cars, construction equipment and containers from the USA to Tema, Ghana and Tin Can Island / Lagos, Nigeria on our ports of call pages.