Shipping High Heavy Construction Equipment Purchased at Auction

One of the most popular methods of purchasing used high heavy construction equipment in the USA is through various equipment auctions. Purchased a used excavator, bull dozer, wheel loader or other high heavy construction equipment through Ritchie Brothers, Iron Planet, Machinery Trader or any other auction company in the United States and need international heavy equipment shipping and trailer shipping services? K International has years of experience and the expertise and knowledge required for international construction equipment shipping from auction sites.
Before you decide to purchase construction equipment through an auction consider the following:
  • Condition of the construction equipment unit. The equipment should be properly running and have no leaks or mechanical issues
  • Receive an international shipping rate quote before your purchase to ensure international heavy equipment shipping service is available to the destination port and service is available for this size unit.
  • Check whether your high heavy equipment has parts that can be removed for inland and overseas high heavy equipment transport. Blades, buckets and cabins might be too large for inland and ocean transport and will require removal prior to pick-up. Check if the auction site is able to remove the parts for you.
  • The auction site must provide you with an original bill of sale for export customs clearance
K International can also provide affordable inland heavy hauling service from the auction site to the port of exit. Construction equipment units must also be free of excess dirt / clean before arrival at port and we will make sure your unit is washed and ready before delivery.
International shipping services from the USA for heavy construction equipment is available to several international destinations. Visit our construction equipment shipping information page for more information.
Trust shipping your heavy construction equipment unit overseas from the auction site with one of the most dependable international shipping companies – K International Transport. You can submit ocean freight rate requests through our high heavy construction equipment rate request page to receive an international shipping freight quote.