Vehicle / Car / Automobile Shipping Service for Military Personnel returning from Service

Vehicle / Car / Automobile Shipping Service for Military Personnel returning from Service

Many reliable international shipping companies offer good deals for military personnel transporting automobiles / cars / vehicles and other personal effects back to the United States from their station abroad.

K International Transport offers affordable prices for military personnel transporting cargo from many ports around the world. Specifically, great deals are available from stations in Italy, Korea, and Germany from Port Livorno, Inchon, Masan, and Bremerhaven to Ports in the United States.

Our international automobile shipping services can take care of every step of the process, and ensure that the client’s cargo arrives at any port in the United States, including New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, or any other available port. Shipping can be easy, efficient, and affordable with a  good company.

Typically, military personnel often transport their automobiles back from the station to which they were deployed to their home in the United States. However, virtually any cargo can be transported back to the United States, with companies even offering door to door service with the help of inland trucking and transportation services.

Importing automobiles is often more difficult than exporting cargo because of the customs regulations in the United States, but with a reliable shipping company, the customs regulations and export formalities will be taken care of without any hassle on the client’s part.

With international shipping services, importing automobiles, heavy equipment, and personal effects is easy and affordable.