Shipping via Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

Shipping via Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

Although international freight forwarding is often performed via container overseas, there is a different option for transporting goods overseas with international shipping companies. Choosing the option of air freight over ocean freight when transporting cargo overseas has both benefits and pitfalls, but for some clients it is the right choice.

The type of cargo the client is shipping is important to consider when deciding between ocean freight and air freight. If transporting big, bulky items, air freight may often be less practical. This is because the cost for shipping big items via air will be more expensive for the client.

The biggest concern for customers seeking international shipping services is typically the issue of cost and affordability. Shipping most cargo via ocean freight is usually more affordable. However, the cost is entirely dependent on the cargo involved as well as the nation of origin and the final destination.

However, despite the cost, it is undeniable that shipping via air freight is much faster than shipping via ocean freight. Therefore, this type of international shipping often appeals to clients with a tight schedule or deadline that they have to meet.

Because there are many pros and cons to consider when choosing one shipping method over another, clients can turn to their international shipping company in order to make the most informed decision regarding their cargo.