Simple Instructions for International Ro/Ro Car Shipping Service from the USA

Have you combed the internet looking for simple instructions on how to ship your car overseas?  Exhausted every question board, blog and article on international car shipping but still confused on how to ship your car from the United States?  Trust me, international car shipping from the US is a relatively simple procedure.  Instead of waxing poetic sentences on the ups and downs of international car shipping, we will break down the procedure into 7 simple steps.

7 Simple Steps to Ship Your Car Overseas From the United States

Step #1: Get a Car Shipping Quote 

Send an email or call the international shipping company to receive a free overseas car shipping quote

I already know you’re an expert at Google searches, so if you came across a couple of good international car shipping companies here’s what information you will need to provide to get a quote:
-Year, Make and Model of the car
-Origin (the car’s location in the United States)
-Destination (desired country, city and/or port overseas)
-Whether you will need the overseas car shipping company to pick-up your car and deliver it to port or if you can deliver it yourself

To make it even simpler, you can click here to fill out a international automobile shipping rate request.

Step #2: Get Your Documentation and Information in Order Before you Ship your Car Overseas

Shipping your car from the USA doesn’t require a mountain of paperwork….I promise

In order to ship your car from the United States you will only need the following documents and information:
-Original title to the vehicle.  If your car still has an active lien you must provide an original letter from your car financing company granting you permission to ship your vehicle.  If your lien was satisfied within 6 months of you shipping your car overseas, you will need a letter from the car financing company indicating the lien has been released and the date it was released.
-Export Power of Attorney – allows the company to ship your car on your behalf
-Details for the consignee (receiver) of the vehicle in the country overseas including a name, full address and telephone number.  You should also find an agent in the receiving country to help with import procedures.
-File for an EIN number in order for the freight forwarder to file a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) on your behalf.  If you are a foreigner you can use your foreign passport # and will not need to file for an EIN.
Step #3: Pay to Ship your Car Overseas
There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this industry, so make sure you pay your bill on time in order to avoid delays in releasing your vehicle
I know, I know, this seems like a simple step.  But so many customers do not pay for their shipping costs until the car reaches overseas, and the forwarder holds your car hostage until you pay.  Check with the international shipping company what their payment terms are.
Step #4: Prepare Your Car for International Ro/Ro Shipping
Make sure you car is clean and ready to go before you ship.  Make sure to remove any personal items including boxes, clothing, children, pets and other items from the car before you ship it overseas.
When using international roll-on / roll-off car shipping service be sure you prepare your car in the following ways:
-Car should be free of dirt and clean on the outside
-Car should be empty – you cannot ship personal items including suitcases, furniture, children and pets inside your car!
-Car should be running and have working brakes
-Car should have no more than 1/8 tank of fuel
If a car carrier is picking up your car and delivering it to port, your international car shipping company should give you a copy of the dock receipt.  The dock receipt will be needed for the carrier to enter and deliver your car to the port.
Step #5: Car Arrives at the Port and Title Clears Customs
You are one step closer to shipping overseas!
Once your car arrives at the port, it waits for the booked vessel to arrive and also for the title to clear customs.  If the title clears customs in time the car is loaded on the vessel, if there is an issue with customs clearance your car could be delayed.
Step #6: Car Ships Overseas
Your car clears customs, loads the vessel and ships overseas!
After weeks of planning and spending 5 minutes reading this blog, all your hard work has paid off and your car loads the vessel and ships overseas!  Now to only clear customs in the destination country….
Step # 7: Receive your International Shipping Documents for your Car
The overseas car transport company should send you any original shipping documents as soon as the car sails
In order to claim your car at the overseas port you will need a few documents from your international car shipping company:
1). Bill of Lading – a document issued by the steamship line needed to claim your cargo.  This document confirms your car was shipped and all details for the shipment.  The agent in the overseas country will need this document or else they cannot give you your car.
2). Original Car Title- if the car shipping company cleared your title for you they should send it with the bill of lading.  You might need the title in order to register your car in your new country.
So there you go…seven simple steps to ship your car overseas.  Not as difficult as you thought, right?  Just to recap, here are the seven steps:

  • Step #1: Get a Car Shipping Quote 
  • Step #2: Get Your Documentation and Information in Order Before you Ship your Car Overseas
  • Step #3: Pay to Ship your Car Overseas
  • Step #4: Prepare Your Car for International Ro/Ro Shipping
  • Step #5: Car Arrives at the Port and Title Clears Customs
  • Step #6: Car Ships Overseas
  • Step # 7: Receive your International Shipping Documents for your Car

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