International Shipping Services for High-Heavy Equipment, Technological Products, and Scientific Appliances to Port San Antonio or Iquique, Chile!

Did you know that the Atacama Desert in Chile is famous among astronomers, physicists, and stargazers for its incredible view of the night sky?  For independent clients, university science departments, and scientific organizations, a reliable international shipping company like K International can offer competitive prices for transporting science equipment such as telescopes, spectrographs, computers, and […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services for Kobelco/ Komatsu / Hitachi / Caterpillar Equipment to Port Corinto, Nicaragua!

International construction equipment shipping is easy with a reliable international shipping company like K International for equipment from all companies including Kobelco / Caterpillar / Komatsu / Hitachi. With K International, clients can transport bulldozers/ tractor trailers / excavators / dump trucks / cranes to Port Corinto, Nicaragua, quickly, efficiently, and for an affordable price. Some notable […]