Overseas Car/ Vehicle/ Automobile Transport Services to Port Shenzhen or Port Shanghai, China via Ro/Ro or Container Shipping!

International automobile transport services can seem intimidating and difficult to navigate. However, with a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International, the process of transporting automobiles/ cars/ vehicles of all makes and models to Port Shenzhen or Shanghai in China can be easy and affordable. K International loves to transport all vehicles, including: Contemporary […]

International Automobile/ Car/ Vehicle Shipping Services to Port Shanghai, China from the United States!

As one of the largest container ports in the world, Shanghai is a perfect place for clients to transport all types of vehicles / automobiles / cars from the United States. With an experienced and trustworthy international shipping company like K International, the transport process for all cargo, including cars/ automobiles/ vehicles, is easy, efficient, and affordable. Our overseas […]

International Automobile Shipping Services for Luxury Cars to Port Shanghai, China!

Transporting an automobile to China through the port of Shanghai is the way to go. Not only is it the busiest port in the world, but, paired with a reliable international shipping company like K International, it is also extremely efficient! Clients can rely on K International to transport their car with international automobile shipping services, no matter […]

International Shipping of Agricultural Equipment from the U.S to New Zealand / Australia / China / Bangladesh / Pakistan / Taiwan / India / Cambodia!

Reliable and trustworthy international shipping companies like K International are known for transporting cargo such as automobiles and construction equipment overseas, but they can also transport other types of equipment as well with our heavy equipment shipping services. One such type of equipment includes agricultural equipment. This includes: Harvesters Tractors Blueberry Pickers Cotton Pickers Power Tillers […]