How to Ship Containers with Personal Effects

International shipping services often include automobile and construction equipment shipping, but clients can also transport household goods and personal effects such as clothing, furniture, jewelry, household appliances, and more! With the help of a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport, transporting such items via a 20-, 40-, or 45-foot container is […]

Shipping Commercial Cargo, Building Materials, and other Specialized Cargo to Ports in Europe!

A reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport simplifies the transport of cargo overseas to ports in Europe.Much of that cargo includes commercial cargo, building materials, heavy equipment, and other specialized cargo. Specialized cargo typically refers to goods that are large, heavy, or generally demand special handling to prevent damage. If you […]

Moving back home? International Shipping Services for Personal Vehicles, Personal Effects, and Household Goods Can Help!

Many people are in the United States temporarily for business purposes, education, employment, or visiting family. When you are ready to return home, a reliable and experienced freight forwarding company like K International Transport can help! K International Transport can help clients transport automobiles of all makes, models, and years, as well as personal effects and household […]

International Automobile Shipping Services from the United States to Port Basel, Switzerland!

With a reliable international port and a trustworthy international shipping company, transporting all types of cars / automobiles / vehicles overseas to Port Basel, Switzerland is affordable, easy, and safe. K International loves to transport contemporary,  vintage, classic cars, as well as automobiles in bulk. Port Basel has many notable features, including: Over 98% of […]

International Shipping Services for Graduates Shipping their Cars and Personal Effects back to their Hometown in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America!

International students in United States universities often come with automobiles and personal effects for their time in America. Experienced and reliable international shipping companies can help graduates transport all types of automobiles / cars / vehicles and personal effects via container shipping. K International’s international automobile shipping services can help students transport their vehicles / automobiles / […]