Taking Your Large Boat Abroad? Use a Qualified Shipping Service

Sailing in international seas is one of the most thrilling things a large boat can offer its owner.  Still, you don’t necessarily want to make the trek across the Atlantic in your boat in order to sail, say, the Greek isles.  For large boats and other watercraft, you will find that the most cost effective, safe way to get your large boat where you really want it to go, a first-class international shipping service will meet your needs.

Whether you want to ship a vehicle in addition to a large boat, boats on trailer or cradle, jet skis, and other items, K International ships it all.  From the yacht to the sailboat, we are able to carefully and quickly move your important luxury items to your next destination.  Roll-on/roll-off vessels are able to ship to nearly any international port, giving you the ultimate access to any destination.  We can even build a customized cradle for your boat, ensuring its safety and delivery, as a customized cradle keeps the boat stable during transport.
Smaller, lightweight boats (under 44,000 pounds) can be lashed into and shipped in a container, saving even more money and providing a secure method of transport.  In all things, K International strives to provide the best rates, the most secure deliver, but also world-class service.
But going with a first-class shipper means more than just proper loading techniques.  We also offer door pick-up and inland transport of boats on a trailer or cradle and we can provide inland towing for boats on a trailer and specialized step-deck or expandable trailers for boats on cradles.  Is your boat too large for the road?  No problem.  It can be delivered port-side in the United States via any water delivery service.
Why not find out why K International has been the go-to choice for hundreds of boat transports, both large and small?  Our reputation speaks for itself!