The Different Types of Containers for International Shipping Services to the Middle East

There are many different types of containers to ship your cargo in: depending on what you are shipping, a reliable international shipping company can advise you which type would be the best. 

  1. 10′, 20′, 40′ and 40′ HC Containers
  2. Open Top Container
  3. Flat Rack Container
  4. Refrigerated Container 
  5. 5. And more!

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    So don’t fret if you are using K International’s international shipping services, but you don’t know the type of container you need. K international will take care of everything, from:

    • Finding the port in the U.S to ship out off, possibly from one in New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Texas, or California. 
    • Taking care of export formalities at these ports.
    • Arranging ocean freight from the U.S port to the port in the Middle East. 
    • Utilizing our international automobile shipping services to ship your automobile overseas!
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