The Do’s and Don’ts of International Automobile Shipping Container Consolidation

K International receives numerous international car shipping rate requests everyday and sometimes we receive requests for customers interested in learning more about container consolidation. So what is international automobile shipping container consolidation? Container consolidation is combining several automobiles from different customers into one ocean container shipping to the same destination.
What should you consider when shipping your car overseas utilizing a container consolidation service?
The Do’s
  • If you are shipping to an unusual destination not commonly serviced and it is very expensive to ship a single container and there is no roll-on / roll-off service international shipping service consider shipping your car via consolidation service.
  • If you are shipping a used vehicle that does not have a high value and you are not too worried about scratches and dents.
  •  Have a couple of reliable friends shipping to the same destination? Consider putting your cars together in one container to save on costs.
  • Always check which international shipping companies will be involved in the transport of your car – is the agent or warehouse that is used at the destination port reliable? Can they clear all the cars through customs without issue?
  • Consider additional unloading charges on the other side including costs for warehouse unloading and possible port storage charges if the container is held up for inspection.
The Don’ts
  • Reconsider shipping your high value automobile in a consolidation container. Would you want your 2011 Porsche 911 shipped with a 1986 Toyota Corolla?
  • To ports that are normally serviced by roll-on / roll-off ocean carrier service the costs will be nearly the same as shipping by consolidation and you do not have to worry about any possible damage that can occur while unloading the container overseas.
  • Try not to ship too many personal effects inside your car – multiple cars shipped in a container with several personal effects loaded inside creates red flags for customs at the destination port and they most likely will pull your container to inspect what is inside.
  • Need to ship your automobile internationally as fast as possible? International consolidation shipping companies must have enough vehicles to your destination port to
Overseas car transport by container consolidation from the United States can be a cost effective alternative to individual overseas car shipping by individual container. K International can provide car consolidation international shipping services to limited destinations – to find out if we can service your destination contact us and receive car shipping quotes through our international automobile freight rate request page.