The need for Car Carrier Service for International Shipping

When people picture international shipping, they usually have the same image in mind: a container loaded onto a vessel going from port to port.

However, this is a simplified version of the shipping process. Many times, the client will be unable to transport their cargo from a warehouse to the port before it is shipped overseas. In this case, a reliable company’s international shipping services come into play.

Once it is determined that the client is unable to move the cargo, the international shipping company arranges a car carrier through their inland trucking and transportation services to transport the cargo from the client’s whereabouts, to the port in question.

For example, if John Doe is shipping a vintage 1955 Chevrolet from Missouri to the Abu Dhabi, but is unable to bring his automobile to the Port of Baltimore, a car carrier service can be arranged. The car carrier will careful and efficiently transport the automobile to Baltimore, where it will be loaded onto the roll-on/ roll-off vessel and shipped to Abu Dhabi.

These services can be arranged with a freight forwarding company’s international automobile shipping services, and can prove useful for those unable to transport their cargo across long distances before it is shipped overseas.