The Nuanced Process of Importing a Foreign Car into the United States

Many veterans of international automobile shipping servicesassume that the process of importing cars into the United States is similar to that of exporting vehicles. However, that is not the case.
 Because of many countries’ heavy restrictions and rigid laws regarding imported items, the process of shipping cargo differs accordingly. American import laws are especially difficult to sidestep.
With the export of cars out of the United States, clients can transport various types of automobiles: vintage, classic, and contemporary cars, as well as trucks and commercial vehicles, are all fair game. However, when importing cars into the United States, clients have to make sure that the particular car was designed for American markets.
This rule comes not from international shipping companiesthemselves, but is instead a governmental import regulation. It exists to protect American consumers from automobile manufacturing that may be standard in another country, but not in the United States.
Although it seems difficult to remember all the rules and regulations regarding international shipping services, an experienced company will usually take care of the hard part for their clients.