The Top 5 Movie Boat Chase Scenes…And How International Boat Shipping Can Help You Live Out These Scenes!

The Top 5 Movie Boat Chase Scenes…And How International Boat Shipping Can Help You Live Out These Scenes!

We already brought you some of the best car chases in movie history (just to refresh your memory you can click here to revisit this blog  “Five of the Best Car Chase Scenes in Movie History – And How You Can Ship Those Popular Cars Overseas“).  Now today we pay homage to the boats we have shipped overseas from the United States by presenting to you the top five movie boat chase scenes.  After checking out our list of the best scenes, continue to read on to find out how we can provide you with the best international boat shipping services from the USA to Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Far East or South America!

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

In the third installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones is back fighting the bad guys!  This boat chase scene is action packed from Indiana Jones barely making it past two ships in his jet boat and almost getting eaten alive by a large propeller!  Due to the genius of Stephen Spielberg we have one of the most memorable boat chase scenes in movie history.



A list of chase scenes would not be complete without a James Bond movie!  In the Moonraker, James Bond is chased down the Amazon river, but of course his high speed boat is no ordinary boat, it comes equipped with bombs.  But even with a tricked out boat, Bond barely makes it out alive over the Iguazu Falls.  We promise our international boat shipping services from the USA are not as dangerous!

Face / Off

In the movie Face/Off Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, one an FBI agent and the other a terrorist, battle it out on the high seas with their fast power boats.  This boat chase includes almost everything to make this one of the best boat chase scenes in movie history.  This chase includes explosives, jumping from boat to boat, and even battling the police!  The action in this scene gives it a definite spot on our list.

Puppet On a Chain

One of the most classic boat chase scenes in movie history comes from the 1971 British thriller film Puppet On a ChainIn this movie a special agent is sent to Amsterdam, Netherlands and the boat chase that ensues in the canals of Amsterdam is classic!  Check out the clip below to see how the actors maneuver their boats through the tight canals.

The World Is Not Enough

James Bond makes it onto our list for a second time with the boat chase scene featured in The World Is Not Enough. In this scene Bond is chasing an assassin on the Thames River.  Of course Bond comes with a specialized boat that he ends up driving on the streets!  Even when chasing beautiful assassins, Bond comes ready with his specialized toys and gadgets.

That completes our list of the five best movie boat chase scenes!  If any of the high-flying action in these films has persuaded you that you need a boat to sail or jet the seas, turn to K International Transport for your international shipping needs!  Each year we have several customers shipping Sea Ray, Bayliner, Mastercraft, Regal, Yamaha, Boston Whaler, Bass Cat, and Monterey boats overseas from the USA.

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