This is a Story of When Harry Came Home and Told Sally….We’re Moving to Sweden

This is a Story of When Harry Came Home and Told Sally….We’re Moving to Sweden

Every smart husband knows…happy wife, happy life.  And every husband who has ever had to move their family abroad knows the difficulties it brings when they have to inform their spouse of their new change in scenery.  Although we do not employ certified marriage counselors here at K International Transport, we figured the below story could help your spouse cope with moving abroad and see how using reliable international shipping companies can help ease your move overseas:

Meet Harry and Sally, a fun loving NYC couple.  Harry and Sally enjoyed the city life, visiting the museum, riding in yellow cabs, shopping at Macy’s and climbing the Empire State Building.

One day, Harry came home with some big news. “First, I just got a promotion!  You can now add to your shoe closet.  Second…we’re moving abroad…and you will have a brand new beautiful shoe closet…in Sweden!”

Sally wasn’t too happy…not even the prospect of new shoes could cheer her up.

After Sally yelled certain things we are not permitted to repeat…the first thing that came to her mind is who will help us ship our car and our furniture overseas! We need a reliable automobile shipping company to help ship our car to our new home!  That’s when Harry and Sally came to K International Transport.  First, we asked Harry and Sally what they wanted to ship abroad….their answers didn’t surprise us too much…

Sally wanted to ship her pink corvette….this was no problem!  We offer the best international car shipping rates from the United States to Sweden and all other destinations.
Harry wanted to ship his…moped…not as exciting as Sally’s Corvette…but we can easily ship a moped internationally without a problem!
Next, Sally and Harry mentioned they needed to bring the changing table for baby Johnny, the pink princess bedroom set for Lizzie, dining room set, litter box for Fluffly, living room furniture, bathroom sink, bicycles, books and their lawn mower. We told them not to fear, on their day of moving we would bring the shipping container to their house for them to load all their furniture, appliances and other important items.
Sally, Harry and little princess Lizzie started packing all of their belongings for their big move overseas.
Once their furniture and all household items were packed, K International was there with their container for loading.  Their cars were already picked up and delivered to port for ro/ro transport to Sweden.  Now their container with their house items and furniture was on its way to Sweden too.
Harry and Sally’s item arrived safely, and they were surprised at how easy international shipping and moving could be.  Today Harry and Sally are still a happy, fun-loving couple enjoying the sites and sounds of Stockholm, Sweden.  Little Lizzie’s pink bedroom set and Fluffy’s cat litter box arrived safe and sound and without a problem.
Are you a couple moving overseas?  Looking for the same success story Harry and Sally experienced with their international shipping company?  Look no further than K International Transport.  Email or call us for international car shipping rates and container shipping rates.  Our email: and by telephone 212-267-6400.  We also receive messages on Skype at: kinternationalny
Remain happy and married in your new home abroad, pick K International Transport to handle your international car shipping and moving needs.

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