Time for the Super Villains: How K International can fight them!

Time for the Super Villains: How K International can fight them!

We already wrote about a few famous superheros, and how K International Transport strives to be like them (“Superheros Galore: How we can match all of their superpowers”). 

But what about the villains? After all, what is a hero without someone to fight? Here are some of the most powerful villains, and how K International Transport can defeat them:

Poison Ivy
This villain is particularly dangerous, not for her strength and intelligence, but because she has the powers of pheromones and toxins on her side. She has the ability to affect the mindsets of everyone around her, making heroes like Superman and Batman turn against each other. 
K International Transport is the complete opposite of Poison Ivy. As a reliable and hardworking international shipping company, we will work with you no matter what you want to ship, and regardless of any problems you make have with your cargo. No one can change our minds about wanting to help you!
Although Magneto started off as the “good guy,” he quickly realized that he didn’t agree with the other mutants’ methods, so he left Professor X. Magneto realized that the human race would not look down too kindly on the mutants, and he knew that he did not want to be oppressed any longer. It is easy to sympathize with Magneto, and even root for him sometimes, because of the oppression he faced in Nazi Germany even before adulthood. Magneto uses his ability to move metallic things to fight against the humans in order to prevent discrimination towards himself and other mutants. 
K International Transport, however, can promise to never to go to the “dark side.” We are committed to helping our  customers ship their cargo overseas to Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America at an affordable price. We may not have the powers to attract metal, but we can get a container ready for your cargo to safely travel across the ocean!

The Joker
The Joker is everyone’s favorite villain. He’s crazy and obsessed with Batman. The Joker is a psychopath with a clown-like appearance, who does villainous acts for his own amusement. He seems to have only one goal in life: to destroy Batman. 
K International Transport couldn’t be more different! Not only will we go out of our way to help ship your cargo, whether it be an automobile (with our overseas car shipping services) or watercraft (with our international boat shipping services), but we will get it anywhere in Asia, Africa, South America, or Europe quickly and efficiently! 

If you are looking for a reliable international shipping company to ship your cargo abroad? Look no further than K International Transport! Call us today at 212-267-6400, Skype us at kinternationalny, or send us an email at sales@kinternational.com. If you need an international shipping rate from the United States, visit our rate request page.