Transport classic und oldtimern autos aus den USA! – Ship a 1967 Corvette 427 to Bremerhaven, Germany

If you are a serious car collector, there is nothing quite like a Corvette. And if you know about Corvettes, you know that one stands above the rest: the 1967 Corvette 427. Visit our rates page to get the best price for shipping a 1967 Corvette Bremerhaven, Germany! K International Transport has over two decades of experience with shipping classic and vintage cars overseas, including destinations all over Europe, so we know when a car isn’t just a car, and the considerations that must be taken with collector’s items. These include:

  • Using enclosed car carrier for transport from inland point of origin to our warehouse;
  • Having a licensed, professional warehouse load, block and brace the vehicle into its private shipping container, OR
  • For especially expensive cars, or those that need to get to their destination quickly, shipping cars by Air Freight.
Germany is home to a particularly devoted community of classic, antique, and exotic automobiles. Most often we ship cars to Bremerhaven, being Germany’s most accessible base port. If you opt for air freight (the Corvette of shipping options!), just give us the make, model, and year of your item, and we can give you the best price for shipping a classic car by airfreight – Stingrays can fly!

Author: Robert Spinello
The 1967 Corvette 427 is fast even in photographs!

We are also able to quote on Marine Insurance for your classic or vintage car, because a smart collector always has to think about the unthinkable. Transport luxus und antik autos aus den USA!   Visit our rate request page, email us at, call us at (212) 267-6400.