Transporting Antiques Overseas with the Help of International Shipping Services

Clients of international shipping companies in the United States are quick to recommend the freight forwarders’ services because of their own good experiences transporting goods overseas. However, many clients, as well as their peers with no shipping experience, can still get nervous when considering transporting fragile goods. 

When transporting antiques or other fragile effects, containers are a safe and efficient option. All international shipping servicesinclude the option between a twenty, forty, or forty five foot container, depending on the size and quantity of the client’s cargo. When dealing with fragile items, the container is loaded at the warehouse with care and concern for safety; whether the loading is completed by the client or a third party is decided by the shipper and the freight forwarding company.
From the warehouse, the container with antique cargo is moved to a port by an inland trucking and transportation company. These companies are typically vetted by the client’s shipping company, and have experience transporting containers.

The container is then loaded onto a vessel and shipped to its final destination. On the ship, the fragile items inside the container are protected from the elements, and are secure throughout the journey.
When clients have reservations about container shipping, they can also opt to transport their personal effects with air freight shipping. Although it is a more expensive option, air freight shipping is much faster.

An experienced international shipping company will always recommend the best option for each type of cargo and each client’s individual needs.