Transporting Furniture Overseas from the United States

Many furniture distributers and furniture restoration companies are seeking to transport their products overseas to sell in other countries. For this venture, the services of international shipping companies comes in handy to ensure an efficient, affordable, and safe shipment of furniture to virtually any country in the world.

With the services of freight forwarding companies, clients can transport all types of cargo, including furniture pieces vulnerable to the elements, virtually anywhere in the world via container shipping. International shipping companies can offer shipping via 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot container, depending on the size and quantity of the cargo in question.

However, the actual shipment isn’t the only thing that freight forwarding companies can offer their clients. Whether the shipper is an individual or a business, the company can help clients with export formalities in the United States, as well as customs clearance in the destination country.

Transporting all types of cargo, even brand new furniture which can be vulnerable to the elements and in need of special care, can be transported safely overseas with international container shipping services. The client’s responsibility is to hand the company their paperwork, including identification of the shipper and consignee, power of attorney form, and other documents depending on the particular details of the shipment; the experienced freight forwarders handle the rest!