Transporting Heavy Equipment Overseas

Transporting Heavy Equipment Overseas

Many clients of freight forwarding companies are interested in transporting heavy equipment, including construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and more, overseas from ports in the United States. The process of transporting construction equipment and heavy cargo may seem difficult to some, but with an experienced international shipping company, transporting all types of cargo can be hassle-free for the client, no matter how heavy the cargo is.

Most shipments of high-heavy cargo include construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, and more. K International Transport also loves to transport:

  • CAT Wheel Loaders 950, 966, and 980
  • CAT Dozers D6R, D6H, D8n, and D8r
  • CAT Excavators 320BL, 320 CL, 320 DL, 330BL, 330 CL
  • Motor Graders 12G and 140H
  • Volvo Excavator EC220E, EC350D, and EC380D
  • Volvo Wheel Loaders L350H and L260H
  • Komatsu Excavators PC138USLC-11, PC170LC-11, and PC238USLC-11

The above-listed models and brands are examples of the vast number of equipment types K International Transport can ship overseas. These types of equipment can often be transported via shipping containers or roll-on/roll-off vessel, provided that they are wheeled and depending on several factors including the model, the customer’s budget, and whether the customer is willing to dismantle their equipment for container service.

With a freight forwarding company’s expertise and its international construction equipment shipping services, the choices are there for the client. The company will help the client decide based on various markers, such as the price of either option.

Transporting high-heavy equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle for clients. With reliable international shipping services, clients can transport heavy cargo from all ports in the United States, including New York, Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville, Houston, Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma, and Seattle. Equipment can be transported to any continent. Consider the most popular ports for construction shipping in each continent:

Africa:                                              Latin America:                                    Europe:                                         Middle East:

  1. Lagos, Nigeria                           1. Manzanillo, Panama                    1. Bremerhaven, Germany               1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  2. Cotonou, Benin                        2. Callao, Peru                                   2. Valencia, Spain                             2. Abu Dhabi, UAE
  3. Douala, Cameroon                  3. Iquique or Santiago, Chile          3. Southampton, UK                       3. Bahrain
  4. Tema, Ghana                            4. Santos, Brazil                                                                                              4. Sohar, Oman
  5. Luanda, Angola                        5. Guayaquil, Ecuador
  6. Abidjan, Ivory Coast,
  7. Alexandria, Egypt.

With both container shipping and roll-on/roll-off shipping, clients will have their equipment at the destination port quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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