Want a Talking Car? Looking to Be the Next David Hasselhoff and Live Out Your Knight Rider Dreams? How to Ship a Pontiac Trans Am Overseas.

In the 1980’s David Hasselhoff made driving around in an indestructible, talking car look cool.  Almost 30 years later riding around in a Pontiac Trans Am can still look cool.  Are you looking to buy a Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird in the United States?  Need help shipping your 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s Pontiac Trans Am Firebird overseas?  We can help you live out your Knight Rider dreams and provide some of the best overseas car shipping services from the United States for your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird.

In the tv series “Knight Rider”, David Hasselhoff  made driving around in his Pontiac Trans Am “K.I.T.T.” look cool.

International car shipping service from the United States is a simple process and is widely available.  Whether you are looking to ship your car or Pontiac Trans Am to Asia, Australia the Middle East, or Europe, the USA has service to all the major ports in these regions of the world.  When looking for the best automobile shipping company in the United States to ship your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird, K International can help.  We offer a wide range of worldwide car transport service including roll-on / roll-off car shipping service and we can also ship your car in a container from the United States.  Want to receive your Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as soon as possible?  We also offer  international car shipping by air services from anywhere in the United States to all major global airports.

As one of the leading overseas vehicle shipping companies in the USA, we will make sure to ship your classic Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird car with the best of care.  Our team of car shipping experts will guide you throughout the entire international automobile shipping process from start to end.  If you need help shipping your automobile abroad, we are the perfect company to work with.  Our car shipping rates and  overseas auto shipping service always include: inland car pick-up service (if necessary) from anywhere in the USA, export customs clearance for your car title, Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) Filing required for all car exports from the USA, USA port and terminal charges and automobile shipping ocean freight or airfreight shipping costs.  Our international car transport quotes always include all the necessary charges needed to export your car from the United States, no hidden fees attached!

Looking to be the next Knight Rider in your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird and need help shipping your car overseas?  Even Mr. Knight Rider gives K International the “thumbs-up” as one of the most reliable overseas car shipping company in the USA

Unsure of the cost of international car shipment?  Unsure of which international car shipping company you should use to ship your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird?  Need help figuring out the best way to ship your car from the United States to Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Australia?  If you are sitting overseas or in the United States and asking yourself “How will I ship my car?”, do not worry, K International has the answers to all your questions.  To receive car shipping quotes for your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird to Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia , France, Dubai or anywhere in the world click here to fill out our overseas car shipping rate request form.  If you have any questions about overseas vehicle shipping for your Pontiac Firebird Trans Am or are looking for the best international car shipping prices give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at: kinternationalny.  We can provide car shipping costs for international ro/ro, container and air automobile shipping service.  Although we can’t promise you a talking car, we can provide some of the best international car shipping quotes and shipping services for your Pontiac Trans Am or Pontiac Firebird!

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