Want to Ship a Caterpillar or Komatsu Overseas? – Construction and Oversized Heavy Equipment International Shipping Explained

Overseas machinery transport from the USA is a popular and thriving business. International machinery shipping is available to several worldwide ports in West Africa, Europe, East Africa, South Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America, the Far East and more! As one of the best international shipping companies specializing in international transport of heavy and oversized cargo, K International offers affordable heavy machinery transport quotes to Tema, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Casablanca, Morocco; Cartagena, Colombia; Vietnam, Iraq, Chile and all other available worldwide shipping destinations.
Heavy Equipment Shipping includes the international overseas transport of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, operational machinery, hauling equipment and mining machinery.
Looking to ship bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, pavers, cranes, dump trucks, wheel loaders, tractor trailers, graders, compacters, concrete mixers, forklifts, generators, motor graders, semi trucks, tanks, travel trailers, 
 RV’s, water trucks, oversized cargo and other heavy machinery?
Need to understand how international shipping of oversized cargo works?
K International Transport is here to offer our professional international shipping services and expertise in international construction equipment shipping. Continue reading below to receive some insider tips on international heavy machinery shipping.
Need international shipping rate quotes for your oversized machinery?
Customers interested in international machinery shipping services oftentimes buy used, affordable construction equipment from local and online construction equipment auctions. Found the perfect Caterpillar, Bobcat or Komatsu? Looking to buy and ship overseas Mack, GMC, International, Freightliner, Volvo, Peterbilt, or Sterling trucks and tractor trailers? In order to provide international transport quotes you should take note of the following information first:
1). Is this construction equipment unit drivable, towable or static?
Heavy machinery items that are drivable are simply driven onto roll-on/roll-off overseas shipping vessels and firmly secured for international transport. Towable units are pulled onto roll-on / roll-off (roro) international shipping vessels. Static construction equipment is loaded to steamship line provided flatracks and mafis and secured onto the vessel. Static heavy machinery must have secure lifting points so the unit can be safely lifted with either a forklift or a crane.
2). Does your heavy machinery have rubber wheels / tires or is this unit on tracks?
International transport quotes vary depending on whether the oversized construction equipment unit has wheels (for example: tractor trailers and dump trucks) or is on tracks (for example: bulldozers).
3). Do you know the full dimensions of your equipment including the length, width, height and weight?
Full cargo dimensions are needed to provide accurate and the most affordable International cargo transport quotes for oversized machinery. International heavy equipment shipping quotes are based on the weight or the measure (volume) of the machine, whichever is greater.
Insider Tip! – International shipping customers will remove the blade of a bulldozer before overseas international transport to reduce the size and weight of the unit. Removing the blade of a bulldozer also makes inland transport to the USA port of departure easier and cheaper. Also consider removing the cab, ripper, arm, bucket and all other detachable parts of your construction equipment before international heavy machinery transport.
4). Is your high heavy equipment small enough to fit inside a container? Have you considered construction equipment dismantling for international shipping?
Construction equipment that is small enough or very easy to dismantle can ship in an international ocean cargo container. Need a reliable international shipping company to dismantle your heavy equipment? As the leading overseas machinery shipping company K International Transport offers construction equipment dismantling service at several major USA ports of export including New York, Baltimore, Savannah and more!
5). Can you deliver your construction equipment to the USA port of export?
Customers who are unable to deliver their unit to the nearest international shipping port can trust K International to provide secure and timely inland transport. We utilize the best fully-insured heavy machinery haulers in the industry specializing in heavy machinery transport. Does your oversized machinery exceed USA road limits? All USA states have legal road weight and size restrictions. K International Transport will make sure all necessary permits and escorts are confirmed prior to inland heavy haul transport to the port. Have a Caterpillar dump truck or similar oversized vehicle? We oftentimes simply remove the wheels of the dump truck in order to accommodate USA road requirements and once the truck reaches port we will put the wheels back on so it can load on a ro/ro vessel – this is just one of many examples of our several years of international shipping experience and expertise!
Preparing Your Construction Equipment for International Shipping
After you receive your free international shipping quote from K International Transport you should follow the below steps to help prepare your construction equipment for USA inland transportation to the port and heavy machinery overseas transport from the USA:
-Remove any detachable parts of your construction equipment including the blade, cab, and bucket for easier and cheaper inland transportation to the port of export.
-Check that your heavy machinery unit is clean, free of excess dirt, in operating condition and has no leaks. High heavy equipment that has excess dirt must be cleaned for acceptance at the port of export and you will be subject to additional costly cleaning expenses.
-Towable construction equipment and oversized cargo on a trailer must have a secure hook-up before trailer shipping to the port of export. Make sure to check the roadworthiness of towable units.
-Non self-propelled units and static heavy machinery will require proper loading equipment at the pick-up location. Confirm prior to inland heavy haul pickup that all necessary loading equipment including forklifts, cranes and additional loading personnel are available when your construction equipment is picked up for overseas transport.
-Have the original bill of sale available so your construction equipment / heavy machinery can properly clear USA customs prior to export
No other international machinery shipping company can offer first-class service such as K International Transport. Trust K International Transport with your heavy equipment shipping needs. As one of the leading overseas shipping companies we have service contracts with some of the top international shipping lines in the world. Contact us for more information on construction equipment shipping, visit our High-Heavy / Construction Equipment rate request page to receive a quote and check out our high heavy / construction equipment shipping page for more information.