Want to Ship Construction Equipment to Asia and the Middle East? Save Money with Dismantling Service!

Are you looking for affordable international construction equipment shipping to the Middle East, North Africa or Asia?  Shocked at the price for roll-on / roll-off service to ship your Caterpillar wheel loader?  Well, there is an easy way to save money on expensive international shipping cost for your excavator or wheel loader….dismantling and containerization!  

Roll-on / Roll-off shipping prices are based on how big your item is.  When you ship a wheel loader or excavator overseas your international shipping cost can be very high because these units are big.  However container shipping service can be less expensive.  With our professional warehouses in Houston, Savannah, New York, Baltimore and Los Angeles, we are able to dismantle Caterpillar and Komatsu wheel loaders and other construction equipment and load them inside containers.

Recently we have dismantled Caterpillar D8R crawler tractors, Caterpillar 330DL excavators and even Caterpillar 950G and 980C wheel loaders inside containers.  Our reliable international heavy  equipment shipping service is available to all major ports in North Africa, Middle East and Asia.  We have recently dismantled equipment and shipped to ports in Saudi Arabia, Dubai (UAE),Vietnam, Morocco, Thailand and Egypt from the United States.  We can dismantle and ship wheel loaders, motor graders, excavators, and crawler tractors inside containers from the USA.  We have handled all brands of equipment including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi and Champion.

Need to ship a Caterpillar D8R from the United States?  We can dismantle and load this crawler tractor inside a container and ship it overseas for a fraction of the cost of roll-on / roll-off shipping!

For more information on our international shipping services and how we can dismantle and load your construction equipment inside containers, give us a call at 212-267-6400 or reach us on skype at kinternationalny.  You can send all requests for dismantling, container and international shipping quotes to sales@kinternational.com.  We will respond to all requests for international shipping rates within 1-2 business days.