Want to Ship Construction Equipment to Asia and the Middle East? Save Money with Dismantling Service!

Want to Ship Construction Equipment to Asia and the Middle East? Save Money with Dismantling Service!

Are you looking for affordable international construction equipment shipping to the Middle East, North Africa or Asia?  Shocked at the price for roll-on / roll-off service to ship your Caterpillar wheel loader, excavator, or crane?  Well, there is an easy way to save money on the expensive international shipping cost for your excavator or wheel loader….dismantling and containerization!

International construction equipment shipping can be difficult to accomplish, even for clients who have experience with overseas shipping. However, even the heaviest and bulkiest cargo can be transported to virtually all ports in the world with the help and expertise of a reliable and experienced international shipping company. K International Transport has decades of experience shipping all construction and high-heavy equipment, and can help shippers navigate the often confusing process. Clients can transport high-heavy equipment from virtually any port in the United States, including ports in New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California. Although the process may seem difficult due to the size and weight of the cargo, a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport can ship almost any type of equipment. All for an affordable price!

Shippers transporting Kobelco, Komatsu, Hitachi, Champion, Volvo, and Caterpillar equipment often ship:

  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Stone Cutters
  • Bulldozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Stone Trenchers
  • Water Trucks
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Machinery Parts

Clients must choose whether to ship with Roll-on / Roll-off (RORO) vessels or in a container. Both methods have pros and cons, and K International Transport can help you determine what the best method is for your cargo and your wallet.

RORO shipping prices are based on how big your item is.  When you ship a wheel loader or excavator overseas your international shipping cost can be very high because these units are big. With RORO, the equipment can be driven right onto the vessel and fastened in for the journey overseas, which makes this method very efficient. However, heavy equipment must be wheeled and self-propelled in order to use RORO. Keep in mind that some international ports cannot provide RORO service.

Container shipping can be less expensive. In this case, the client would pay the price of the container and the construction equipment would have to be dismantled and eventually put back together when it arrives at the destination port. The shipper can dismantle the equipment or can enlist the help of K International Transport. Luckily, an experienced freight forwarder like K International Transport can include rigging and dismantling services in its international construction and high-heavy equipment shipping services With our professional warehouses in Houston, Savannah, New York, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, we are able to dismantle Caterpillar and Komatsu wheel loaders and other construction equipment and load them inside containers.

Recently we have dismantled Caterpillar D8R crawler tractorsCaterpillar 330DL excavators, and even Caterpillar 950G and 980C wheel loaders inside containers.  Our reliable international heavy equipment shipping service is available to all major ports in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  We have recently dismantled equipment and shipped to ports in Saudi Arabia, Dubai (UAE), Vietnam, Morocco, Thailand, and Egypt from the United States.  We can dismantle and ship wheel loaders, motor graders, excavators, and crawler tractors inside containers from the USA.  We have handled all brands of equipment including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, and Champion.

Equipment that exceeds the width and height for a container, which is often 20 feet or 45 feet in length, can also be transported on a flat rack container. Flat racks only have two sides, so the bulky equipment can stick out of the container during transport. Again, a freight forwarder can help shippers decide the best option for them based on their budget, their particular needs, and the accommodations available at the destination port.

yellow and black heavy equipment on brown sand under blue sky during daytime
yellow and black heavy equipment on brown sand under blue sky during daytime / Photo by Vladimir Patkachakov @vladimir_mining

The first step to transporting construction equipment overseas, like excavators, bulldozers, cranes, stone cutters, and dump trucks, with K International Transport, is to get a quote for the shipment. To get a quote, contact K International Transport or visit the rate request page. there is certain information about the cargo that you must know to get an accurate quote, including the dimensions which consist of the length, height, and weight of the equipment. A reliable freight forwarding company will also ask about the year, make, and model of the equipment. You should also let K International Transport know which port you will ship to, which method of shipping suits you and your cargo better (RoRo or container), and whether you will need inland trucking services for door to port transport or dismantling services.

assorted-color filed intermodal containers
assorted-color filed intermodal containers / Photo by frank mckenna @frankiefoto

Once K International Transport gives you the lowest possible rate for international construction equipment shipping, you can proceed with the shipment by telling an agent your preferred schedule for export, submitting the necessary documents, and remitting payment. Some required documents include the original title of the equipment, the identification of the shipper and the consignee, and a power of attorney form. Once the process has started, K International Transport will take care of its client’s cargo every step of the way, including customs regulations at the destination port.

With a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting heavy construction equipment from Kobelco/Komatsu/Hitachi/Caterpillar, including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and more is hassle-free and affordable. Call us today at 212-267-6400 or send us an email at inquiries@kinternational.com. You can also reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. We look forward to working with you!