What do you need to Provide to Ship a Car Overseas?

When customers come to an international shipping company to ship their automobile overseas, the most common question is “so what do I need to provide to transport my car quickly and efficiently?” Surprisingly for some, the answer is quite simple. Specific to car shipments, there is a specific list of items that are necessary to proceed with the shipment.
First, the shipping company will probably ask for prepayment in full, to ensure that your automobile will make the next available vessel to the destination you are shipping it. With this requirement, you may also want to tell the company your desired date of shipping, so that a vessel can be booked accordingly.
Next, the company will need basic information about the shipment. This includes the name and address of the shipper, the person who is responsible for the automobile, and the consignee, the person who will be picking up the car from the port in the destination country. A picture i.d and an EIN number will also be required.
Finally, to complete the international automobile shipping services, you will need several documents. This includes a power of attorney form, which the company can provide, and the original title of the vehicle, which can be picked up from the dealership.

A reliable company will convey all of this information to you, and submitting it promptly will speed up the company’s international shipping services.