What Goes Into the Price of International Shipping?

Whether you are choosing to relocate abroad for a time, want to ship your vehicle or other goods abroad or moving an entire business to another country to take advantage of contracts, international shipping is part of the mix.  Whether by air or by sea, there are different charges involved.  Clients always want to know what is factored into these charges, so here is a quick primer about the context of your costs.
What kind of goods are you shipping?  Whether you are moving heavy equipment or a vintage vehicle, the nature of the product determines the costs.  Things are packed differently depending on the sort of thing it is.  What can be shipped in containers is handled differently than what must be shipped by refrigerated containers, for example.  The details of the packing are related to the goods, and that will determine pricing.
How far are you going?  It is not just distance that is involved here, although that is the starting point.  The kind of transportation you use will also make a difference.  Going by road is always cheaper than going by waterways, but waterways are definitely cheaper than by air.  Sometimes using the cheapest mode isn’t possible, given the nature of where the item is going.  The region you’re shipping to will make a big difference as well.  If it is a well-connected region (railway, roads, etc.), your prices are going to be cheaper.
How much time do you have?  If you need goods there in a hurry, you should expect to pay the “fast” fee.  Some modes of shipping your materials may not match the time frame you have to work with, so take that into consideration.

Knowing what goes into the costs means you can choose your shipping company with a clear sense of what you should and shouldn’t be paying for.  Knowledge is power, and although rules change from country to country, knowing the basic principles means you will never be caught off-guard.  For a specific quote from K International, please contact our friendly experts.  We can walk through all the details of your needs!