What information do we need to give you the best international car shipping quote?

K International Transport is one of the leading international transport company for cars, and is ready to help you ship a car internationally quickly and easily. For an international car shipping quote head on over to our international car shipping quote request page. In order to give you an accurate rate quotation for export from the United States, you should make sure to include the following information:

  • Valid email address 
    • We are required to quote in writing
  • Current Location of the vehicle
    • This is necessary if you would like a quotation for delivery to the port, and useful for determining which port would work best for your international car shipment
  • Country/Port of Destination
  • Make / Model / Year of Vehicle
    • If you are looking for a Roll On / Roll Off quotation, this is necessary to accurately quote, since price is based on the volume and weight of the vehicle
    • Some countries have import restrictions on cars made before a certain year
The above is the bare minimum of information we will need to give you an accurate overseas car shipping quote. Of course, if you provide further details, we can better meet your specific needs.

K International Transport is a licensed Freight Forwarder and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) that handles freight arrangements and United States export customs clearance for cars. After you receive a rate quotation for shipping your vehicle abroad one of our representatives will be your contact for the entire duration of the shipment.

K International Transport will help you ship the car you want to where it needs to go. Head over to our rate request page, call us (212) 267-6400, or email us at inquiries@kinternational.com! We are also available on Skype: kinternationalny .