What Information Do You Need to Provide?

So you are ready to ship your goods abroad or arrange a purchase from another country.  Excellent!  If you are a seasoned business or traveler, you know the ropes by now.  But for many people who aren’t as familiar with international shipping or who do it infrequently, the process can seem daunting.  So what, exactly, are you responsible for on your end?
Gather the right information.  This is important because it determines your quote as well. Some people are concerned to see a shipping bill go up, but the reality usually is all the proper information wasn’t disclosed.  So getting your information together upfront can save you money as well as time.
What are you shipping?  When you request a quote, be sure to clearly indicate the nature of the kinds of products you are shipping.  You will need to know the total amount as well as the size and weight of each unit.  You may even need to include information such as whether that motorcycle is new or used, because this does affect the way the item is packed.
How will they need to be shipped?  What type of packaging will you need?  Containers are fine, but will you need special accommodations (like refrigeration for medicines or perishable foods)?  If any of your things are fragile, that is important to note.
Where are they going?  Most people new to international shipping specify a city of destination.  But there is more to it than that.  There are specific shipping ports you should try to specify, and your goods may go through more than one port, so if you have a preference, you need to state that as well.  You also need to be clear about how and where the goods are to be picked up.  Have a clear address in mind.

Getting great shipping services starts with you.  If you provide the right information, your experience will go much more smoothly, your quote will be accurate and you will be worry-free!  If you aren’t quite sure how goods need to be shipped or through which ports, rely on our logistical expertise to help you get it all worked out!