What is Required for International Automobile Shipping to West Africa?

The most difficult aspect of a company’s international automobile shipping services is preparing all the paperwork, which can be dull and excessive. However, with a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting your automobile overseas to West Africa is easy and efficient. 

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All international shipping companies will request similar things to continue with the shipment of your automobile. These include: 
  • Prepayment in full. The company is most likely in contact with a steamship line, and they cannot proceed until the shipment is paid for. 
  • A desired date of shipping, or date of arrival, so that the company can successfully schedule your shipment. 
  • Basic information about the shipper and the consignee (the person picking up the car at the destination). This includes full names, addresses in the U.S and in West Africa, and a picture i.d and EIN number.
  • A Power of Attorney form that the company provides will need to be signed.
  • Finally, the vehicle’s original title. 
Once all of these documents are available, your automobile can be shipped with overseas car transport services
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