What is Roll-on/Roll-off, Anyway?

Transporting certain kinds of cargo means a certain kind of treatment when it comes to loading and unloading the vessel.  Your charges are always based on the combination of services you select – from pickup, packing and delivery to the type of vessel and loading service.  If you are planning on moving vehicles and equipment or even personal belongings, then the most popular way to do so is with roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro) methods.  But what does this mean and is it for you? 
What is it?  Imagine the inside of a vessel that actually looks like a multi-decked parking garage, and you have a sense of what this kind of cargo vessel looks like.  Some may have as many as ten decks that can hold thousands of cars.  Some ships may be larger, others smaller depending on the specialty kind of cargo.
Why is it so popular?  For one thing, it is the most recommended way of transport, which also makes it the most popular way to move goods.  Ro/ro is an easy method of loading cargo onto a ship, but it is also the most economical.  Once loaded onto the shipping vessel, it is secured.  The chances of having damage done in shipping using ro/ro methods is rare.
Are you shipping a boat?  Then you definitely want to ship it ro/ro.  Boats will be much safer contained in a cargo vessel with this method, as they won’t be damaged at sea while in transport.  The boat will be driven onto a deck and then removed the same way once it gets to the proper port.

If you are looking to save money on your international shipping needs, but you also want to be sure your things are handled carefully and safely, then ro/ro is without a doubt the way to go-go!