What Measures are Taken to Ensure Your Car is Shipped Properly?

If you have never shipped a vehicle by boat before, it is easy to imagine your precious investment knocking around in the belly of some wooden vessel, unsecured and chipping paint.  This is far from the case.  You will see that working with K International ensures that your vehicle is handled properly.

Proper paperwork.  We ensure that you have all the necessary documentation.  From marine insurance with the lowest premium to the proper export documentation, letters of credit and other critical documentation to ensure your vehicle’s arrival goes off without a hitch.  We are bonded and licensed as a freight forwarder and have the personal and professional relationships with carriers to determine the best situation that fits your requirements and budget. 
 Proper handling.  There are many important ways we secure your vehicle for transportation.  We have specialized roll-on/roll-off equipment for properly loading and storing your vehicle.  We can even offer containerized transportation with grounded containers; upon loading, we will disconnect your vehicle’s battery, then block and brace the vehicle securely. 
Classic car?  No problem!  We specialize in luxury, classic, antique and vintage vehicles shipping to worldwide destinations.  We can even provide inland transportation services from door to port in an enclosed car carrier!
We offer both air and sea shipping; either option is treated with the same kind of security and hands on service you would expect from an international freight forwarder.  Your particular vehicle will have its own point of contact person during the entire duration of the trip – meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple individuals. 
Why not contact our experts for a quick quote (within 24 hours!) and see what we can do for you?  Thousands of people have used our services and raved about the results.  You can expect affordable and quality results.