When Do You Need Help with Shipping Logistics?

Shipping is a complicated scenario, particularly if you are shipping abroad.  There are forms to fill out, customs to declare, letters of credit to arrange and so much more.  Even experienced businesses can sometimes use a hand with arranging international shipping.  Here are a few scenarios to help you determine when you can call in the experts for your shipping logistics.
Your employees are maxed out.   You have good people and they can certainly do it all.  But they can’t do one more thing!  The paperwork alone when shipping abroad can be a real headache.  Not to mention picking the best route at the best price, calculating the container size and weight, providing the proper letters of credit – it is enough for a full time job!  So why not hire an expert for a bustling business?
You’ve never done this before.  If this is the first time you’ve tried to arrange some serious international shipping, don’t make the rookie mistake of assuming that it’s better to save a few bucks and do it yourself.  You could end up paying dearly for that mistake.  Take for example having your letters of credit rejected.  How will your delivery be accepted?  Do you want to be the one arranging the critical points of contact if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing?

The project is huge.  Too many moving parts can sometimes mean big mistakes that cost your company money.  If you’ve moved pieces of equipment before, that can give you a false sense of confidence when it comes to handling a much larger shipping task.  A large overseas project is a great opportunity.  But it also involves staging, exporting, packaging ,stowage, bracing, a “just in time” delivery schedule and so much more.  Why take the risk?

Accepting logistical advice from a premier international shipping company like K International is a key piece of your transportation plan.