Which Countries have the best Elephant Sanctuaries?? (and how you can ship there)

Which Countries have the best Elephant Sanctuaries?? (and how you can ship there)

There is no doubt that everyone is different. However, most individuals share a common passion: animals. 

Out of all animals, one is said to be one of the smartest, but also most peaceful, in existence today: 

The elephant! 

Like most international shipping services, K International Transport can help you realize your realize your passion for animals by shipping cargo internationally from the United States. ( To an elephant sanctuary perhaps?) 

Elephants are particularly smart members of the animal kingdom because they are peaceful and observant, and will never hurt someone unless they feel threatened. 

If you feel a pull to visit elephants at a sanctuary overseas, K International Transport can help you ship there! Here are some of the best animal sanctuaries in the world: 

Animal Kingdom, Philippines

This particular animal sanctuary has mostly dogs that had been rescued from the meat trade in the Philippines. This sanctuary allows visitors, as well as adoption of the dogs to good, loving families. 

If you are interested in visiting, K International’s international shipping services can help you ship your belongings to the Philippines from any port in the United States, including from New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more! 

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), Thailand

This elephant sanctuary is located in Sukhothai, in northern Thailand. All of the elephants, like the dogs in the Indian sanctuary, have been rescued from abuse or mistreatment. Visitors are allowed here as well, and can interact closely with the elephants in the sanctuary. 

Reliable international shipping companies like K International Transport, can help you realize your dream by shipping your belongings overseas to Thailand in a container, or in a roll-on/roll-off vessel for your wheeled cargo. 

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