Wie verschifft man ein Auto aus den USA? – Car shipping quotes to Germany

Guten Tag! K International Transport can ship your car overseas to Germany or any destination in Europe or the world for that matter. If you have a trailer we can even ship your trailer. Contact us for car shipping quotes. We ship cars to Bremerhaven, Hamburg and other European ports every day. We can even fly your car to Frankfurt so you don’t need to wait.
Other international shipping companies take days or even weeks to get you your car shipping quote. We pledge to have your quote to ship your car door to door within 24 hours.
Are you planning a trip to see the motherland? Taking the kids to see Aunt Helga and tour the black forest? Don’t rent an ugly car like the Griswolds in European Vacation. Take your own car! You know, in Germany, they all drive these little, puny cars. There is not a GMC Truck or Chevy Suburban to be seen. You will be the envy of all if you drive on the Autobahn with your big American SUV! So what are you waiting for? Pack your lederhosen and Auf Wiedersehen!

We can also ship luxury and antique cars from the United States to Germany.  Looking to ship a Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang or other antique and vintage cars to Germany from the USA?  We can provide pick-up service from with an enclosed car carrier and ship your car to Germany in a shipping container or using our safe and reliable roll-on/ roll-off shipping service. Transport luxus und oldtimern aus den USA heute!

For questions and car shipping quotes, contact K International Transport Co., Inc. at (212) 267-6400 or inquiries@kinternational.com.

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