The Worries Involved with Transporting Vintage Automobiles Overseas

International automobile shipping is a popular option among all clients transporting cargo overseas. However, when it comes to transporting vintage and classic cars from the United States, many clients and vehicle owners become nervous about shipping their often valuable and vulnerable cars overseas. While shipping vintage automobiles is slightly different than transporting contemporary cars internationally, the process is mostly similar; clients don’t have to worry about their vintage cars if they have a reliable international shipping company.

Unlike regular overseas transport of vehicles, vintage and classic cars often only have the option of being transported via shipping container, not roll-on/roll-off vessel. This is because unlike contemporary cars, vintage and classic vehicles are often non-runners, meaning they cannot drive onto a roll-on/roll-off ramp. Clients often feel safer with the container option, because it further protects their automobiles from the elements when it is being transported overseas.

Other than this small detail of international shipping, transporting vintage and classic vehicles is more or less the same as transporting contemporary automobiles overseas. The car is moved to a port in the United States via inland trucking and transportation services, after which the car is loaded into a container and placed on a vessel to be shipped to virtually any country in the world. With reliable international shipping services, there is no need to feel nervous about transporting a vintage automobile overseas.

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