Is it Safe to Ship an Expensive Car Overseas on a Roll-On / Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) Ship?

When looking for overseas car shipping service you have three options: shipping by container, shipping on a roll-on / roll-off (ro/ro) ship or shipping by air.  The most affordable option to ship your car internationally is using ro/ro service.  However, the misconception is that shipping an expensive car using ro/ro service is not safe.  Today […]

Ship a Cadillac Escalade to Dammam, Saudi Arabia!

Many of our customers come to us to find out how to ship their prized vehicles overseas, especially luxury cars. Recently we have helped customers ship a Cadillac Escalade to Dammam, Saudi Arabia, or other ports in the Middle East. It is important to employ an experienced international shipping company like K International Transport if […]

Simple Instructions for International Ro/Ro Car Shipping Service from the USA

Have you combed the internet looking for simple instructions on how to ship your car overseas?  Exhausted every question board, blog and article on international car shipping but still confused on how to ship your car from the United States?  Trust me, international car shipping from the US is a relatively simple procedure.  Instead of […]

How do you ship a car without a title overseas?

There are many reasons why a vehicle would not have a title, but thankfully there are ways to export a car without a title. The documents required and export customs regulations that are applicable depend upon the reason the car is without a U.S. Title. In general, if you are trying to ship a car […]

How to Ship Your Car to USA Military Bases in Germany

Are you stationed in a USA military base in Germany and need help shipping your car from the USA to your new station?  Need an affordable and reliable international automobile shipping company to ship your car to your military base in Germany?  Not sure what information and documentation you will need to ship your car […]

Ship an Audi A6 / A7 to Bremerhaven, Germany!

In order to get an international car shipping quote for shipping an Audi A6 / A7 to Bremerhaven, Germany, simply tell us where the vehicle is currently located in the United States and we can start the quotation process. K International Transport is able to ship the Audi A6 or A7 of your choice from […]

International Shipping Services to Iraq

Are you looking to ship to Iraq?  Originally opened in 1967 the port of Umm Qasr is the largest port in Iraq.  As the only deep water port in Iraq, it receives the bulk of all cargo shipping to the country.  Today, whether you are looking to ship automobiles, motorcycles, containers, construction equipment or machinery […]

Let Us Help You Ship a Kawasaki Ninja to Finland

What is currently Kawasaki’s most powerful sport bike? The ZZR1400 (the Ninja ZX-14). Capable of accelerating 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, the current Kawasaki Ninja model is a great motorcycle for shipping to Finland. Impress your Finnish peers with this peerless machine! No matter where in the United States, K International Transport can ship a […]