Защита от непогоды? Контейнерные доставка может помочь!

Хотя температура снижается, листья падают, а воздух холодным, международные морские перевозки по-прежнему необходимы! Так что же делать, когда ваш груз должен транспортироваться, но это на себя больше риска из элементов? К International Transport может помочь!Так как же K International защитить ваш груз от непогоды, даже зимой? Надежные международные судоходные компании могут предложить контейнерные услуги по доставке, […]

Perks of the end of Daylight Savings Time, and how International Shipping Benefits!!

This past Sunday, November 2nd, Americans all over the country put their clocks one hour back for the end of daylight savings time. But how does daylight savings relate to international shipping services?  Although there has been a lot of debate about whether daylight savings is necessary, there are a few positives to changing the time […]

Biggest Lake in the World? We can offer International Boat Shipping Services!

Although it is getting chilly in New York, K International Transport can still help you ship a boat or watercraft overseas with international boat shipping services! Most people don’t know what the biggest lake in the world is, or where it’s located. Many would be surprised to find out that it is actually the Caspian […]

Funny Road Signs: Ship an Automobile Today!

Driving a car around some parts of the world, you will definitely encounter 1 or 2 seemingly unnecessary traffic signs. Here are some hilarious road signs from around the world. K International Transport can help you ship a car overseas with reliable international automobile shipping services: explore the world, and watch out for the road signs!  […]

Election Day and International Shipping!!

Today, November 4th, 2014, was election day. Although the United States is one of the most democratic countries in the world, the country is known for notoriously low voter turnout, especially during midterm elections! So what are the midterm elections, and how can they impact international shipping services? Here are some facts about the midterm elections, as […]