Biggest Lake in the World? We can offer International Boat Shipping Services!

Although it is getting chilly in New York, K International Transport can still help you ship a boat or watercraft overseas with international boat shipping services!

Most people don’t know what the biggest lake in the world is, or where it’s located. Many would be surprised to find out that it is actually the Caspian Sea! 

How can a sea be the largest lake? The Romans coined the name because the water was salty, but modern geographers recognize the Caspian Sea as a lake. 

The Caspian Sea borders several countries, including 
  1. Turkmenistan
  2. Kazakhstan 
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Iran
  5. Russia
K International Transport can ship a boat or watercraft to any of these 5 countries (and almost any other) with these international shipping services

  • Shipping any boat or watercraft, including jet skis, yachts, motor boats, sail boats, speed boats, fishing boats, and more!
  • Shipping anywhere in the world from any port in the United States, including New York, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, California, and more!
  • Inland trucking and transportation services just in case your boat or watercraft is not already located next to a port. 
  • Roll-on/roll-off services to safely get your boat onto a vessel before shipping it overseas
  • Position ocean containers at your warehouse for loading 20′, 40′ and 40’high-cube containers.

To find out more about how K International Transport can ship a boat or watercraft overseas with our international boat shipping services, contact us today. Call us at 212-267-6400, email us at, or reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. Hope to speak to you soon!