Funny Road Signs: Ship an Automobile Today!

Driving a car around some parts of the world, you will definitely encounter 1 or 2 seemingly unnecessary traffic signs. Here are some hilarious road signs from around the world. 

K International Transport can help you ship a car overseas with reliable international automobile shipping services: explore the world, and watch out for the road signs! 

Very helpful sign! 
Beware of alien attack?
Good idea…
Again, extremely helpful solution!
International shipping companies can offer several services to ship cargo internationally: 
  • We will move you car from a warehouse to a port in the United States before shipping it overseas to almost anywhere in the world
  • If your automobile is located far from a port, we offer inland trucking and transportation services. These services will bring your vehicle from anywhere in the United States, to a port city to be shipped abroad. 
  • We will take advantage of our international automobile shipping services to ship your vehicle through almost any port in the United States, including from New York, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more!
  • Use roll-on/roll-off services to effectively load your vehicle onto a vessel, or use containerized shipping at your request to get your car to its destination
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