Issues to Consider When Moving a Household Abroad

The typical household move abroad is an exciting time.  Yet the need to deal with the paperwork, movers and other issues that arise from an international move are still a headache.  Here are a few pointers and tips regarding moving a household abroad, based on the typical cases from the past few years.  See how […]

International Automobile Shipping Services to Port of Manzanillo, Panama from Southern Ports in the United States!

We are always looking for a good deal, why should international shipping be any different. With a reliable international shipping company like K International, we can arrange affordable overseas car transport to Latin American ports, especially Port of Manzanillo, Panama.  Our rates from southern ports, including Port Miami, Port Savannah, Port Charleston, and Port Galveston, […]

Preparing Your Car for Roll-on/Roll-off Services

From a logistics standpoint, roll-on/roll off car shipping is a great budget way to ship your automobile overseas.  Whether you want to export a car to a buyer abroad, import a car for your personal use, or bring the family vehicle along on a move abroad, there are lots of great reasons to ship your […]