Preparing Your Car for Roll-on/Roll-off Services

From a logistics standpoint, roll-on/roll off car shipping is a great budget way to ship your automobile overseas.  Whether you want to export a car to a buyer abroad, import a car for your personal use, or bring the family vehicle along on a move abroad, there are lots of great reasons to ship your car abroad – and budget friendly, too!  Here are a few ways to prepare for the transition.
Unpack your car completely.  You are not allowed to have items inside the car when you are shipping by roll-on/roll-off services.  Clients usually want to pack the car with items, because you are paying for the shipping space; but ports are very strict when it comes to this rule, and you don’t want to incur any fines nor cause any damage to your car during the shipping process.
Drain the gas in the car.  Again, another tempting strategy clients want to pursue is to fill up the tank, knowing gas in other countries is much more expensive.  But this isn’t a good idea and can actually make your vehicle unsafe to transport!  Have as little gas in the car as possible.
A side note:  shipping personnel will handle your car, driving it on and off the ship.  It might be a wise idea to prevent dirt and upholstery stains by putting down disposable paper mats and plastic covers on your seats – just like you were going to the mechanic!

Make sure you check with a reliable logistics company to ensure you can get your car where you want it to go.  Not all car carrier vessel services go to all places, and the more remote locations might require additional logistics to ensure you get your vehicle where you want it to go.  Similarly, not all ocean ports can handle roll-on/roll-off cargo so check with us first.