Issues to Consider When Moving a Household Abroad

The typical household move abroad is an exciting time.  Yet the need to deal with the paperwork, movers and other issues that arise from an international move are still a headache.  Here are a few pointers and tips regarding moving a household abroad, based on the typical cases from the past few years.  See how it might relate to your move abroad.
The typical move involves some household goods and personal items as well as an automobile or perhaps even a motorcycle.  The move is usually motivated by a change in job location and the employer is generally paying for the moving expenses (most, if not all).  The customer will generally want to drop off goods – or have them picked up – from their current location and then go “hands-off” during the move until they arrive at their destination, where they will expect the goods to be delivered.
Challenge 1:  Expert packing.  This kind of move requires an expert in loading vehicles into an ocean container.  Particularly since gasoline must be drained and batteries disconnected, you really must go with someone who knows what they are doing, or you could do your vehicles serious damage.  If your move originates in a city that isn’t a port location, this can complicate your move – but it isn’t impossible.
Challenge 2:  Paperwork hassles. There are bills of lading, possible letters of credit and other documentation that must be immaculately handled.  If things aren’t done properly, you can incur fines and charges at each port for which the paperwork isn’t correct.  Not to mention the stress of delays because things aren’t as they should be!
Challenge 2:  Expert unpacking.  Once the family arrives at their destination, often in a developing part of the world, they will need professionals to unload their carefully packed items safely.  This is much easier to coordinate when you use a reputable logistics service that can coordinate moves in multiple countries (especially landlocked destinations!)

Even for a “typical” move abroad, going with a reliable shipping company and logistics expert is critical for making sure the right thing happens every time.  From the moment the goods leave your current home, to the warehouse packing and paperwork, to the unpacking and delivery, you want to go with people who can manage every step of the way.