International Shipping of Restaurant Equipment to France / Sweden / Germany / Belgium / Netherlands / India / Kuwait and more

International shipping companies are often known for their ability to transport heavy equipment and construction products such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and dump trucks overseas. However, other types of equipment are also subject to shipping from the United States to ports around the world. One common type of cargo shipped abroad is restaurant equipment. Many […]

Transporting Luxury Cars and Other Luxury Goods Overseas ( Sweden / Finland / Belgium / Netherlands / France / Germany / United Kingdom and more)

Clients interested in international shipping services often worry about the safety of their cargo, especially if they are transporting luxury goods or automobiles. However, shipping cargo is often very well protected from the elements and other possible sources of harm that may come to it. For luxury cars, clients often choose from shipping their vehicles […]

International Shipping of Agricultural Equipment from the U.S to New Zealand / Australia / China / Bangladesh / Pakistan / Taiwan / India / Cambodia!

Reliable and trustworthy international shipping companies¬†like K International are known for transporting cargo such as automobiles and construction equipment overseas, but they can also transport other types of equipment as well with our heavy equipment shipping services. One such type of equipment includes agricultural equipment. This includes: Harvesters Tractors Blueberry Pickers Cotton Pickers Power Tillers […]