Transporting Luxury Cars and Other Luxury Goods Overseas ( Sweden / Finland / Belgium / Netherlands / France / Germany / United Kingdom and more)

Clients interested in international shipping services often worry about the safety of their cargo, especially if they are transporting luxury goods or automobiles. However, shipping cargo is often very well protected from the elements and other possible sources of harm that may come to it.

For luxury cars, clients often choose from shipping their vehicles via roll-on/roll-off vessel (RoRo) or via container. Clients often feel safer choosing to transport their vehicle via container because it offers a higher degree of protection. Containers come in various sizes including twenty feet, forty feet, and forty five feet, and can safely carry luxury items strapped inside the container for the length of the shipment.

Shipping luxury items is similar to transporting other goods overseas. First, clients pay the international shipping company in full and submit all of the necessary paperwork, including identification of the shipper and consignee, a power of attorney form, and insurance information. Next, the client will tell the freight forwarding company the desired date of shipment. Once it is booked, the cargo can be moved to the nearest port in the United States via the client or a trusted inland trucking and transportation company.

From that point, the freight forwarding company will utilize the rest of their overseas car transport services to transport the car to the destination port, while taking care of export formalities and customs clearance for the client. Transporting luxury goods overseas doesn’t have to be a stressful process.