International Shipping of Restaurant Equipment to France / Sweden / Germany / Belgium / Netherlands / India / Kuwait and more

International shipping companies are often known for their ability to transport heavy equipment and construction products such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and dump trucks overseas. However, other types of equipment are also subject to shipping from the United States to ports around the world.

One common type of cargo shipped abroad is restaurant equipment. Many clients interested in opening a business abroad, selling equipment in other countries, or transporting restaurant equipment for other purposes, rely on international shipping services to efficiently move their equipment to virtually any port for an affordable price. This can include stoves, counters, deep fryers, refrigerators, storage units and more!

Freight forwarding companies can offer clients both roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping, depending on the nature of the cargo and whether or not it is wheeled. In addition, companies can offer clients with a time crunch air-freight shipping, which will get the cargo overseas faster but for a higher price.

The process of transporting restaurant equipment overseas is similar to shipping other types of cargo. The cargo is first delivered to a port in the United States by the client or a licensed inland trucking and transportation service. It is then loaded into a container or onto a vessel, and shipped to the port of the client’s choosing. The freight forwarding company will also help the client take care of export formalities and customs clearance in both countries.

Transporting all types of equipment can be an easy, efficient, and affordable process with a trustworthy international shipping company.