Big Data Could Help Your Next Shipping Move

Big Data is all anyone can talk about in the tech world, and indeed it’s creating a quiet kind of revolution in the way we do just about everything.  The way it works is through microtechnology.  Imagine the typical iPhone with a health app that measures your steps, for example.  Now, what if that data could be used to make better decisions about your life and your treatment?  That’s the idea behind Big Data.  Lots of data is being collected in various ways – through apps, in real-time with machines, etc.  But as yet, no one is really doing anything substantive with the information.  Well, what if Big Data could change the way you ship?  That move is coming next.
Big Data is definitely having an impact on ocean cargo shipping.  Real-time data allows ship owners to manage fleets in a variety of ways through the sensors built into newer ships.  Data captured could be anything from location and current weather, ocean current, performance of equipment on board or even cargo status.  This data is then analyzed to determine any insights that fleet owners can glean on everything from how much time ships spend “down” or idle to whether the majority are running at full cargo carrying capacity.  This will help business owners make better decisions in the long run.

What does it mean for consumers, like those of us who want to ship overseas?  Primarily it means better services!  Imagine the possibilities if a ship could receive real-time alerts or warnings about functionality, weather, ocean current that could impact speed to destination?  Even better, predictive maintenance means more efficient scheduling, a win-win situation for both customer and owner.  Stay tuned to see how Big Data improves shipping cargo abroad.  The future looks promising.