Congress Passes on Highway Transportation Issues

Late last month, Congress granted a three-month extension to the Highway Trust Fund just one day before funding was set to expire.  This new extension is just on the heels of a previous five month extension.  Unfortunately, this is only prolonging the pain the transportation system is experiencing right now, causing others who need to move goods around to look for other logistical solutions.
Coming up with a multi-year plan to solve the transportation infrastructure issue nationally has been a concern for some time.  Everyone agrees there is a problem, but no one can figure out how to fund the solutions.  Since there has never been a real strategy for funding transportation costs in the past several years – cobbled together programs and small taxes that expire in a couple of years make up the bulk of the funding – the real work of coming up with a long term solution is still to be done.
There is a lot of work to be done.  Bridges in disrepair, highways in need of fixing and a serious shortage of truck drivers mean pain to come for many months.  This leaves those of us who work with transportation logistics scrambling to find alternatives to keep our business procedures going.

Whether the government comes up with a solution to the program quickly or not, those who have to move goods to other locations or rely on trucking for much of their movement might want to think about working with a logistics company to find solutions to meet their needs.  Working with an experienced team that understands your needs ensures that even with a trucker shortage, there may be other ways to get the job done.  Rely on our expertise to get your business through these difficult times.